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Email Addresses

Personalised email addresses

A custom email address can help bring professionalism to your digital communications. Rather than a standard email address ending in @gmail.com or @outlook.com, Sapphire Web can set up a custom email address ending in @yourdomainname.com.

For more information on domain names, click here.

Easy setup on all devices

Sapphire Web offer custom email addresses and email hosting through Microsoft’s Exchange Online service, meaning that adding your new email address to your email client on your computer, phone or other device is as easy as entering your username and password. No need to worry about POP3/IMAP ports and mail server URLs.

Browser based access to email accounts via Outlook or iCloud Mail is included with all custom email addresses.


Custom email addresses cost $10 per month, or free if you have a subscription to iCloud+. Contact Sapphire Web to discuss setting up a custom email address today.

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